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Originally Posted by E46330iguy View Post
Hey guys so lately for work i have had to drive an hour each way to work roughly 230 KM each day. Right now my DD is my 98 dodge 2500 Cummins 24 valve. Now it get great Higway MPG for a truck, Im getting around 18 with it. But its costing me over a Grand a month to drive it to work nearly 10K a year. Thats too much for me so im looking for something else I can drive that will cost less.

The two things im looking at right now is the base line civic or a new Jetta TDI but when i went to try and build my own online it dosent let you pick the TDI motor unless you pick the most expensive trim option and with that the car is only going to save me about $1000 a year on fuel which isnt worth it to me. Maybe some one can shed more light on this?

Any other suggestions? If i cant get the TDI in the base line model i think ill be going with a civic
Hmm... you can buy a cheaper TDI I think. What's your budget? The best built of the TDIs (well, of VW's cars) is the Golf. How about a Certified used Golf TDI?

Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
Your 330 should get high 20's if not 30mpg
Supercharged, so maybe 25.

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