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Originally Posted by haris23 View Post
Alright, so I have installed subs and amps for quite a long time. But I have never dealt with a LOC (line out converter). I have a 2002 325i, non HK system. I have a line out converter, (Raptor LOCA25 to be exact). The damn thing did not come with any instruction manual at all. Thus far, I tapped into my left 6X9, and wired the LOC. It came with 5 wires to use, a brown which I assume in a ground, a white and white with stripe, and a black and black with stripe. I am assuming the ones with stripes are the negatives. My amp turns on no problem, RCAs are connected, grounds are good. But I am not getting any sound. What am I doing wrong? I faded the sound to the rear speakers as well and no subs.
It is better to tap into both left and right channels.
Here is what I found.

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