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Originally Posted by Twin_Turbo_S54 View Post

The black supra in Istanbul tested 15" wheels, 345 width. The same car tested 16" wheels as well. They enlarged supra's fenders.

This Supra's best 60-130 has been 4,87 seconds with 15" and 16"tires.

mine is 4,23s. (was getting down to 3,7s if we kept RWD, we improved 60-100 band by 0,45 of a second but stopped testing due to snow by 2012 january)

do you understand now that 15-16" does not matter. there is real World evidence.

my awd system: we started 3 weeks ago and we will finish AWD system next week. Its very complicated, electronics and mechanics.

we will have time figures by may 2013.

remember, I have one Professional man working 7/24 as my technician.

I have made Pectel work on S50 B32 in 3 months, there was no base map, I ve worked on vanos and made pectel drive S50 B32 vanos perfectly. Till that time there was no
base map for S50 B32 from Pectel.

On your side, you decided to remove vanos and lock the cams.

This is where we differentiate.

Removing vanos is a big no no no on S54.

basar, have you worked on rwd m3s before? whats your fastest 60-130 time with the mz4 when you sprayed n20? how many tires did you tested?

I do have at least 30 tires, different brands and sizes, sitting on my shelf. Have a new shipment from USA, 8 different tires coming.

I did test 20-30 different suspension setups. maybe more, cant remember.

Your experience with BMWs/turbos/suspension is not at a level where you can comment on my projects.

I recapitulate, my 18" tires put me 0,65 seconds ahead of supra, and with the latest mods almost 1 full second.

oops, twin turbo or single. thats a different debate.

Do yo think it is really that hard to make a engine harness ? Why are you talking like you have done the wiring, dont try to take credit for something done by someone else

I can also buy pectel and bring my car to the same shop that build your harness.

My decision for removing the vanos has alot of reasons including financial reasons.

There are a lot of RWD cars that have ALOT more horsepower than your car. Why dont they convert to awd ? You are talking like you have done everything possible on earth and the only way to go faster was converting to awd.

That is not true.

If anyone had spent the quarter of the time and money you spent for all of those years it would have been very different.

I dont need to have 60-130 mph file to tell my opinion.

If you didnt had that budget and if you didnt get help from ALL OVER THE WORLD you wouldnt be able to run that 60-130 time.

In fact you tried to make the car fast by yourself for many years and all you had was 1000 hp claims and failed engines.
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