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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
And if you had a clue, the world would be a better place. Show me a CJ, YJ or a TJ that can do something a JK can't, all while being comfortable, have room for a family and cargo? E able to tow, and have technology from this century.....gotta love the old jeep farts
What kind of clue? Your JK is heavier, wider than a TJ. Longer wheelbase as well will bring you down in trails.

Look at the line of JK's their becoming soft.. where is the ruggedness of the Jeep heritage? Who wants power windows/power locks etc. in a Jeep? If you want those features get yourself a SUV like Ford Explorer. Like I said the JK is a soccer man Jeep.

The V6 engine used in the JK is anemic and from my personal experience having worked on a friends, the JK is not as easily worked on or modified. Did you know you had a V6 and not the old solid bulletproof I6 like in TJ's? The 4.0L has more torque and is going to outlast any 3.6L JK engine or whatever you got in yours. *JK has a higher torque number (260) but at much higher rpms.. so its not as good in offroad situations*

Is that enough of clues for you? I've owned a Jeep for a very long time, many modifications done by me so it's not a stock rig. Worked on numerous, TJ's and JK's. I'll say it again, the JK is soft, lost the Jeep heritage idea. Both vehicle's are pigs on gas, the JK somewhat maybe a smoother ride, but you can achieve a pretty darn good ride with a TJ with proper shocks and coils (Bilstein 5100 shocks FTW!).

Cheers mate!

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