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Originally Posted by wildirish317 View Post
Definitely subscribed to this thread!

I have this exact problem, with a 2004 325Ci and 5 speed. I've found that it occurs mostly in 3rd-5th gears, engine at operating temperature and throttle at ~50-80%.

It does not occur when the engine is cold. It does not occur if I'm light into the throttle. It does not occur at WOT.

I suspected the DISA, unplugged it, no change.

Question: Can you log timing data with PA Soft, if not, what software is recommended? Also, what's involved in remapping the DME?
If you do not have a Driod phone or tablet, this is not the greatest tool, but the price is right and you will get it quickly -

There have been some software updates, but I have not tried out the newer software, not sure if there were any big improvements. Graphing is OK, not great, but likely will allow you to see thing.s. I think there was a way to record and then playback as I recall.

You could wrap up a bunch of money on other more advanced software, but it is really not needed.

As for my DME flash, $$$$$ is what it took, it was not $125 at the dealer.

What happens usually is between 3-4k RMP depending on the load on the engine, many times the DME goes into a fixed fuel and timing map as during rapid RPM increase the DME cannot make fast enough adjustments. So the DME fuel mixture is usually on the richer side to protect the engine.

So likely you are suffering from leaning conditions up to about 3k RPM?

Also lets not forget about VANOS/cam timing and camshaft position sensors that go soft, this is a totally different set of issues on top of fuel and ignition.

The DME really only has control of fuel injector timing and duration, ignition timing and VANOS. Most of these adjustments are based upon Maps or sets of instructions, not really on the fly adjustments.

Also keep in mind what goes in to supporting the 3 controllable items on these engines, proper fuel pressure & volume and sensor input.

Garbage in = Garbage Out.

Also under heavy load secondary ignition becomes very stressed and weaknesses can be a source of problems as well.
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