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Guys - I made it!

Actually, the Nullarbor was the easiest part of the whole trip.
I know a 320 isn't exactly quick, but it was so effortless to just drop down to third and get around the road trains.
1200km in 14 hours - stopped a few times to see the head of the bight etc...
The road across the Nullarbor is very good - no bumps or potholes.

I've added some more pics to flicker
She hits 100,000kms
Onto the Eyre highway for the first time
The Nullarbor in all its glory!
The great Australia bight
Border Village. Only 700km to Norseman.
My car parked in the middle of the desert.
90 mile straight

The car is filthy. Need to find a good detailer.
Only thing to be mindful of is bugs in the radiator.
Mine isn't too bad, and there aren't that many bugs on the Nullarbor itself, but something to think about.
I saw quite a few cars with green shade cloth over their radiator intakes.
But then most people didn't bother.

Saw a Holden Special station wagon on the Nullarbor. Also an old Citroen.

No BMWs!

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