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Originally Posted by GJA003 View Post
It was "free" remember ....... Nar it's looking good so whats next anything planned ?
yeah, but he was would be finding better red tint for the tails..painting the centres silver..what do people think? might do it this weekend?

Originally Posted by mario-g View Post
looks aggressive as fuark
come a long long way since you bought it (Y)
thanks man, not aggressive enough though..

Originally Posted by shannon1 View Post
Looking good.

Originally Posted by God_speed View Post
Tough looking E90! Like the choice of rims.
thanks man! haha not surprised a *** enthusiast loves them

Originally Posted by Constantine View Post
Like the car. HATE the pictures. Everything looks blue.
thanks, and yeah photos are is the edited one:

actually..i'll edit the first ppost..

Originally Posted by 2000beamer View Post
Nice looking E90! Why is it on our E46 forum???
Thanks..its on here cause i used to have a E46 and i promised the guys i would show them the progress of my new car.

Originally Posted by forzamilan10 View Post
Isn't the boot on the LCI slightly reproportioned compared to pre-LCI? So it would require updating the whole rear section?
Yeah, you would just need to change the rear boot and tail lights thats not. Its complete bolt on.

Originally Posted by God_speed View Post
I like this shot too, but maybe also try decreasing the depth of field so that the background is less in focus. Would work well with the blue high contrast filters I reckon.
I just rushed it, it was raining so i just ran and took a quick snap then ran back under shelter lol.

Originally Posted by KOpower View Post
Really starting to look good ur car!

Originally Posted by YGOAMG View Post
Looks real nice nick.. but man thats conservative for you..
Haha was waiting for you to chime is conservative but its so besides it was my first set to work off, i didnt know what was the widest specs the e90 body could take.

Originally Posted by infini View Post
Looking good Nick!

When you coming down to Melb?

IT would be interesting to see how it would look with the rear spaced out a little, but by the way it looks now, it's nice and flush and looks more class, just not as aggressive.
Thanks Mike!

I was going to come down at the end of Jan cause Ray wanted me to for the show but then thats not going ahead just yet and now i have my internship and cant really take leave

And yes, i agree, the rear needs to be spaced out abit. Yeah, its nice as it is, i can slam it. But my rear tyres scrub on the inner felt of the rear guards. My first drive after i fitted them, my fronts were scrubbing non stop..kinda wrecked the plastics under there.

Originally Posted by steve.k View Post
Yeah I agree.. Conservative, but looks sharp. Has more of a dumped look.. Also you should get black number plates, the white ones stick out too much.
Thanks Steve, im after the flush look not poke or anything. Just want it to sit ncie and flush with the guards but its hard with the tyres i bought. I shouldve gone down a size upfront..theyre 225/40/18 atm.

Also, it is dumped. I got stuck in Maroubra, coming out of a street..front lip for stuck and dragged like hurt haha

Hmm, ive thought about getting new euro plates but fk i cant be bothered paying extra money just to get new plates..

Originally Posted by HBizzo88 View Post
That shlt looks boss
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