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Originally Posted by MJ80 View Post
Sorry but so what ? i didn't say anything about a mini and neither did you until now ? are we not talking about the megane ? the figures i stated are for it and i cannot see how a FWD with those figures would be quicker than the e46 M3, although happy to be proven wrong i would be very very surprised if it can just defy physics and go quicker despite all of that.
Dwayne is trying to put things into perspective. No one has mentioned a direct comparison between the Meganne and the M3, ergo he has provide a comparison between the M3 and a similar FWD car. If the Mini is 1 second off the pace around The Nürburgring and has less power than the Meganne which is 'arguably much quicker all round than the other fwds' then logic would say the Meganne would be on the pace, if not quicker than the M3 around The Nürburgring.

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