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Originally Posted by CortinaD View Post
Thanks dec. Yes I am talking about a different car because i cant find cpmparison against the megane but can against the mini which is similar in that it does 0-100 in 6.3 and is 40hp shy of the Megane and only 250odd kg lighter yet laps the same.

I own both a m3 and the jcw coupe which has same specs as gp (near enough) and on paper it looks slower but I can assure you that unless the m3 is committed and wrung out the mini is as quick as if not quicker so I would money on the megane being the same as all the reviews on that show its an animal.
I think what a lot of people don't realise is that although the M3 can get to 100 in 4.8 seconds (might be a couple of tenths off on that stat) it's not as easily achieved as most cars. Most cars on the street, 135s, golfs etc. etc. achieve their optimum 0-100's or very close to that with relative ease if they are auto.

The SMG M3 on the other hand is a hard car to get off the line quickly without looking like a tosser and using LC. Sometimes if you punch it then the car will rev and dump the clutch which I reckon is the quickest way to get off the line but that's only if you start the timing when the clutch drops.

My point is that the M3 is no straight line dragster. If you want a straight line weapon then get a 135 and whack on a tune, DPs, meth, FMIC and a couple of other bits and bobs. Not many cars will come close.

Originally Posted by M3N7AL View Post
Hey Dec, what mods you got? Nice video dude.

Are those paddles from ebay? They look awesome.
Cheers mate. No mods at that stage besides the paddles, ipod interface etc. Paddles were from eBay - one of my best bang for buck mods!

I have H&R Sports in it now so keen to see how they go at the track!

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