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I have tried without the hub, and when the wifi is connected directly, it works as well as with the hub. When I use the bluetooth without the hub, it doesn't work at all. It only seems to work with the hub, and infrequently.

Previously I had the hub connected the USB extender cable, but now I have taken that out of the mix. Had a few tests and it seems to work, but time will tell. I also reflashed the ROM (now using the M3Evolution ROM).

Wish I could be exact about th hub I'm using, but I think it was a freebie from a trade show. I've tested a few others and they don't work at all (including one that looked like the one in the link earlier). In my searches I haven't found much information on hubs either, apart from someone saying "mine works" every once in a while.

I did a search on the MicroCenter site and this is a visual match to mine, so maybe it will help:
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