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Originally Posted by carcus View Post
Correct....but not all regular shooters are willing to throw hundreds of dollars for 9mm and 22LR. People like me wait and buy what we can and just limit our range shooting till the paranoia settles. I never thought I would see a shortage of 22LR.

EDIT: Normally before this madness started, I would shoot 400 rounds total a week at the range. Usually 9mm, some 45 and 22. Now I am stuck with just 22 unless I can find 9mm. For me, kinda pointless to go shooting at the range with 100 rounds. I will save it till I get 400 rounds.

Also, I always have at least 2 mags full of home defense/carry rounds for my 9mm, 40, and 10mm, and 45. Needless to say I do not waste that at the range except every year when I rotate ammo and function check. Hell, right now finding Glock 20 15 round mags is almost impossible. All I want are 2 extra.
I was at a gun show this weekend in Pittsburgh. It was a madhouse. Everything was priced high, even handguns. Ammo was insane. A box of Tul/Wolf ammo was selling for $9.00 a box of 20 at the cheapest. Wal-mart sells the same stuff for about $4.85 a box, or at least did.

I saw some ARs going for 2.5-3k. I didn't see a single AK for under $1200. Unreal. Even handguns were expensive. Bersa T380 were going for $320+ (I one years ago for $225). LCPs were upper 300s. And no one would budge on prices because they were getting what they asking for.
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