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I have run into a lot of guys like you over the years and I understand you very well. You bought a great car and fell in love with it. You saved up all your hard earned money and invested it into your car. Now a new shop comes along and offers up kits that are just better than what you have and its tearing you apart inside. You know deep in your heart that what we are offering is better than what you have and the last thing you want is a bunch of M3 running around beating your ass on the street.

So every time we post up a product you troll on our thread and try to side track the conversation with talk of our logo. I listened to it already and I have stated that all my products will have my logo on them somewhere. I know you don't want to buy my products and that's ok, can you now leave your logo comments to yourself and let other people ask legitimate questions about the products?

You don't need this product anyway, your not making any more power than stock

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How much for one like this?

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