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Originally Posted by e46ATX View Post
got an exterior detail yesterday from a mobile detailer...When I picked up the car, it hadn't gotten dark, and all I noticed were how nice and shiny the black-wetted tires and chrome rims looked.

This morning, I went out to my car only to find an abundance of scratches on the hood and trunk lid (pics attached).
While the OP asked about how to fix the scratches, too many replies have been about the supposed incompetence of the detailer. Reading this again, the time to notice imperfections would have been upon pick up.

The fact is that the scratches weren't noticed until the next morning. And they don't really look like they'd have come from detailing. Although it is within the realm of possibility, it is not very probable. Where I live, leaving a car out overnight can result in a very dirty looking car the next morning, even if it doesn't rain.

Put another way, would you hold a body repair shop responsible if the car looked OK when you picked it up, but when you came out the next morning, you found that someone had "kissed" the same fender?

To be sure, truly expert detailing is as much art as science and you can get as esoteric as you want. But anyone doing it "mobile" is not an artist. Any half-awake teenager could do the job and not screw up. All one needs is a truck, a few pieces of equipment, a tub of products and towels, and a some business cards.

I'm guessing that the detailer is not to blame because 1) it is hard to screw up that way and 2) scratches like that would be quite noticable, especially on a clean, shiny car. They'd have been pretty hard to miss at pick up. And, as the detailer, I'd have brought them to the owner's attention before starting, if they were already there.

e46ATX, what did you end up doing?
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