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Post DIY brake job problem

After reading through and watching many brake job DIY's for the e46 I decided to attempt it myself. Everything went great and without a problem except after it was driver a few miles. I'll list what happened in chronological order.

1. Changed pads and rotors at my uncle's house.
2. Did not bleed the breaks and drove home.
3. The breaks seemed a little "spongy" as I drove home.
4. Arrived home, turned off the car, everything was dandy.
5. Was going to move the car into the garage later that night when what sounded like the break master cylinder was vibrating and making a strange noise which went away (got higher pitch until it faded way) when the brakes were pressed.
6. Quickly turned the car off and decided to leave it there in the driveway.
7. Told my dad about it and he went and turned it on to hear for himself.
8. It did the same thing except this time when turned off, the vibrating persisted.
9. I thought of disconnecting the negative terminal to make it stop but my dad said it would reset the computer and I would then have to take it to the dealership to get reset.
10. It was late and we decided to just leave it.
11. The next morning the battery was dead, and the noise gone.
12. Had the car jump started and the same problem persisted until my uncle bled the brakes and then it went away (has not happened again since) BUT immediately after he bled the brakes my abs light came on. (he used a wrench on the abs module terminal things claiming that was the way to bleed this car. After I asked him to bleed them where the wheels are he did.
13. Drove the car around the neighborhood and noticed my speedometer no longer worked and i had the hand brake light on now even after I knew the hand brake was not engaged. (this happened after the brakes were bled by the wheels)
14. After driving to school, on my way home the check engine light came on. I did not drive the car until my uncle checked the codes with an obdII scanner and it gave me P0500 "vehicle speed sensor." Which makes sense that he perhaps broke a wheel speed sensor (abs sensor) while being down there or might just be disconnected enough to not work.
15. Took it to a BMW indy shop to be properly diagnosed and they did their own diagnose and came up with some other codes that they did not want to show me and wanted to change some valve that went to some air thing with a motor that (might burn up, the valve was not replaced and left open) as they told me. Either way, they wanted to do that then and there. Their only diagnosis for my ABS problem was that they would need to do further diagnosis and charge me more money. So I paid them for a diagnosis of something that I honestly don't believe is causing the check engine light to come on because it would have showed up when scanned and the only thing that showed up was what the speed sensor which makes sense.

I'm drawing a blank, any help or input would be great. Mostly, info on good BMW repair shops that have the proper tools to diagnose my problem and fix it and are honest. I might just give up and take it to the dealership so they can take all my money in hopes they solve the problem. As of now the car has not been driven and it makes me want to every time I walk past my driveway and take the city bus.

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