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Yes, it's true.
These are performance vehicles and the alignment tolerances are specific >

The stock alignment specs on the E46 require the car to be weighted or ballasted: ~150 lbs in each front seat; ~150 lbs in the center of rear seat; ~50 lbs in the trunk, and a full tank of gas. This will cause the car to "squat" quite a bit, which will significantly affect rear camber, and slightly affect toe and front camber. If the car is set to stock alignment specs without the ballast, it'll be wrong, especially the rear camber which will be set way too negative without the ballast.

Some BMW dealerships and specialty shops have newer alignment machines which can figure out the unballasted alignment specs on-the-fly by measuring ride height. Without these specialty machines the shop should use the ballast if they expect to use the stock alignment specs.

To further complicate matters, there are multiple sets of stock specs, depending on your suspension package: standard, sport, or AWD.

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