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Originally Posted by DonaldE View Post
I'm glad to see that it looks good enough to be put standard on the E9X. I didn't say that nobody had done it. I simply said that I HADN'T seen any like it.

And please tell me why individuality isn't a good enough reason for you. I believe that a car is an extension of who you are as a person. So why would I want mine to be like another's?
To address your question, you said you mod your car "to be different from the others."

I think modding should be done because it looks good and is functional. I know you think it looks good, so that should have been your reasoning, and not "to be different from everybody else"

When I think of people who mod their cars simply for the sake of being "different," I think of stancers. Then I think about how they are the same as all the other stancers.

And I never said that you said nobody has never done it--because you never said that.

I think it flows well with the E9X and not the E46.
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