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Originally Posted by Saad @ Saad Racing View Post
What is it that Mom taught me as a little boy? Oh ya," if you don't have something nice to say than say nothing at all. Now after you say the same thing over and over its gets a little old and you should be prepared to get an answer. That's what Dad taught me

Now Marcus, I know his car is slow, for a Turbo car that is. I know this because I know what he has on it, with logo or without If your telling me that he beat you in a roll on race than that just tells me that you need driving lessons

As for this part, that you Marcus have on your car, this part will save members a lot of money by keeping their rear end in place. The HUGE LOGO on it is for weight savings and since its under the car and can't be seen it was the quickest and cheapest method we had to keep the cost of the part down, removing material and putting on our logo in one step, thats it.
Lol. What a douche of a vendor. You're like a sexy version of HPF Chris.

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