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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
I think modding should be done because it looks good and is functional. I know you think it looks good, so that should have been your reasoning, and not "to be different from everybody else"
Agreed. I never understood why people think that "being different" should overrule actually looking good or functioning. Maybe it's different because nobody thinks it looks good...

The other thing is the people here are a small select group of people, so yes you may have something similar to them but in reality you might be unique in your area. For example out of all the e46's I've seen in person around my area, I seen CSL wheels once and have never seen a CSL trunk. Go to the showroom here and it's the standard. I probably could find a car club and see more but again that is a select group of people that I might never see day to day.

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