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Originally Posted by evolved View Post
It's convenient to look at things in a short time frame, isn't it? lol

Temporary tax cut.

Originally Posted by Lair View Post
Another simple question: Why is everyone bltching because they're paying the same taxes they were paying when Obama took office?
I'm aware of the reasoning for the tax rate to come back. I'm speaking on the behalf of the people who are b1tching.

Regardless if the SS tax was temporary or any reasoning behind its bump back, it is all moot.. People were told their tax rates will not increase and their tax rate increased. Are you saying Obama's campaign is a prescription drug commercial and at the end he rambled some last second fine print in there about SS tax coming back? Do you really think half the ass wipes that vote are really capable of understanding why or how that tax bump came back?

This why entitlements suck because once you give it is hard to take it back.
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