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Originally Posted by Xcelratr View Post
I think doing the YT75a would make a lot more sense. And if you think beagle vs spaniel is what's going to allow you to get $45 from Croc fans, you're confused.

j/k, I don't know WTF you're talking about
I'm sure you're right...I'll work on the details some more.

...and for the rest of you, don't look at me, it wasn't my idea, I got it from another Fanatic...a true Fanatic...maybe the greatest fanatic of all time...though undoubtedly know the guy?

...and for you who doesn't know why I talk about beagles, search for a thread with "Furrie Allure" in the one serious contribution to our culture here, I think.

Some day, I'll have to tell you guys the true story of how I evidently gave a dog an orgasm...and funnier, still, it was a cocker spaniel. I always thought it would be a beagle first, but it turned out to be a spaniel. I have no idea how poster above knew that.
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