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Originally Posted by DonaldE View Post
I'm glad to see that it looks good enough to be put standard on the E9X. I didn't say that nobody had done it. I simply said that I HADN'T seen any like it.

And please tell me why individuality isn't a good enough reason for you. I believe that a car is an extension of who you are as a person. So why would I want mine to be like another's?
Precisely, what criteria must it meet other than"I felt like it" or " I liked the look". Are there rules to be followed oh great Mango? What are these parameters for stylistic discretion that we should all adhere to? If you said all or nothing I'd have more respect for you, but your position is closer to some subjective observation of your own, typically defended through adaptation of some citation of dubious online expertise followed by insults. You only like the sound of your own squeak, or that of yours and those whose blue and white noses polish your sphincter.

Mod on mod lovers. Haters hate because they know nothing else but to do, so childishly.

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