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Originally Posted by bigugly View Post
if your gonna drop coin on a leuopold, spend the money on a USA model.....if not, low cost leupolds are made in china and your over paying.
They're not made in China. Leupold manufactures and assembles most scopes they make in their Beaverton, Oregon facility. This includes the Redfield Revolution line. The Redfield Revenge is produced in the Philippines, and I've heard that the Rifleman series may also be made there, but I have no confirmation on this vs being produced in Beaverton.

Leupold does use certain Chinese-made components like small screws and springs, because they cannot obtain those parts domestically. The American made scopes have all other components made in the US, except the glass. All Leupold glass is made in Japan.

Leupold does farm out other optical options to China, like some binoculars, LRFs and accessories.
The Golden Ring, Mark 4 and Kenai spotting scopes are made in US, but I don't know the origin of the SX-1 Ventana.
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