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Originally Posted by PainBreak View Post
Via the forum link. I had trouble with it on the external SD card, but was able to make it work fine from the "internal" sd at /mnt/sdcard.

Here was the process I used with success:

1. Downloaded the file.
2. Renamed it to
3. Used ES File Explorer to move it from a LAN SMB share to /mnt/sdcard
4. Went to Settings > About tablet > System updates > Install system update > From internal storage > Install now
5. Watched it reboot, go through two different Android load screens, then the progress bar started as the Droid robot held a crystal-ball looking thing...
6. It finished up, rebooted. Rooted.

Here's the bad news:
I was able to inject my custom framework.jar into /system/framework, and while it did fix the reported speed issue, Google Navigation still doesn't work. There's a separate problem afoot. Multiple GPS applications show that I'm getting a lock on anywhere from 14 to 22 satellites, so there's no reason Google Navigation should be "Searching for GPS..."

With root, though? It will get fixed.

More good news, though... Now, you can put a reboot widget on your desktop. You can also run Adaway.
Any chance you can figure out how to get into recovery without the Android system starting up?

Mine is still in a continuous bootloop, and I'm thinking if I can load a particular file/ROM onto the SD card and then turn on the unit, I might be able to get it into Recovery and then wipe Dalvic cache, etc. to get it to boot up again... I'm pretty sure I just need to wipe davlic cache, cache, and then I should be able to get the Android side to boot properly.

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