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Originally Posted by PEI330Ci View Post

A word of warning about the VAC damper that's built by ATI: It may not be designed for your power level.

When I asked VAC what power level the damper was designed for, they would not answer. (I'm assuming they don't know)

The reason why I bring this up is that I've been involved with quite a few custom BMW dampers from ATI, including some well over 1000rwhp. There are different damper ring sizes and rubber compounds for various power levels, so the damper really is...and should be designed exactly for your power level.

If you have any technical questions about this, I highly suggest getting in touch with ATI directly.


Does whp matter for the vibration damper or is it the frequency that happens at certain engine speeds which will destroy the crankshaft?

As far as I know, frequencies increase up to a point between x rpm and y rpm and cause the crankshaft and bearings to move, flex and destroy.

What matters whp or engine speed?

BTW, have you taken logs of your turbo speed sensor? I follow you with pleasure Adam.
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