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Originally Posted by Twin_Turbo_S54 View Post
OS Giken directly bought from OS Japan. I ve been in touch with OS japan.

Ring and pinion 210 mm bought from XYZ shops.

No massaging, no modifications, straight fit.

I dont care if you believe in me, I ve been able to hold the fastest 60-130 mph record of 4,23 s for the last 16 months.

So what I advise or comment has been tested to the extremes.
Many are more extreme than you: please don't assume you are innovating or doing anything new.

So AFTERMARKET ring and pinion- NOT OEM BMW - thats what I was asking.

I could care less about supposed troll records: rolling start is weaksauce compared to drag launching sub 1.5second 60' at a strip with slicks full brake boosting.

I have set up 188mm bmw stock diff with stock gears and stock lsd to handle more power than you make; 30+ passes 1000rwhp and mid to low 9's' - video is all over the web for this car

Key point here is not my car nor my own claims - a well known local car and client- a reputable HONEST one

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