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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
^the CSB is probably fine. I'm not sure why everyone wants to replace them all of a sudden.

Check to see if the rubber has pulled away from the metal center of the TC mount at all. If so, replace it. The guibo looks fine.

Rotate your tires front to rear and see if anything changes.
I' guessing it's because I replaced mine. This forum is the most monkey-see, monkey-doo place I've ever visited; if someone has a P0174 code they think they NEED to replace the DISA because someone mentioned the did that and the code went away so that's the accepted fix now......

OP, the last 2 things Kubica mentioned are probably a bigger factor and a better place to start. The TCB is a PITA to do according to the shop but made the biggest difference in my vibration of the car and overall solid feel. The XI has no other transmission mounts than this, so it's imperative it's tight.
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