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Originally Posted by jchuillier View Post
It gets more.....complicated
That's definitely the downside to this, is that customer support is extremely lacking. I think it's a combination of the language barrier, and that given the distance, extreme cost of shipping, and the chance the radio will sit in customs forever and not reach its destination, they feel like we're not empowered enough to demand service.

That said, I did receive the update.zip from Charles last night. It's about 150MB, and I will host it somewhere for the community. However, given that I now have root, and I was able to get the GetSpeed() function corrected in framework.jar on my own, I'm hesitant to apply the update at this moment.

Also, the first thing Charles did when talking on Skype was asked me to cancel the Paypal dispute. I explained to him that it's not a dispute, it was a partial refund request, and that when he declined it, it's as good as canceled. I have not elevated it to a dispute, but that option is available to me, to protect my financial investment.

At that point, he sent me the zip file.

jchuillier: I think your best bet is going to be testing that long cable, figuring out what part of it is bad, and replacing the individual wire(s) along the run. You shouldn't have to, they should send you out a new cable, but it's got to be easier than trying to leverage them into sending you a new one.
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