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yes it does. I also checked the oil level and it looks fine. Its little dirty but i would not say it needs to be changed yet. Supposedly the person i bought it from just changed it, but as a precaution i am changing all the fluids when i can. I ended up having a "Post" sale inspection done instead of a pre sale like i should have at a decent Indy place. The technician said it sounded like either the rocker or camshaft and that it may have been caused by not being starved for oil at one point. Anyway he said a rebuilt head could fix it if it were the camshafts. He did not take the valve covers off to check for wear. that would be the next step. Since i dont know much about cars i dont know if this is something i can check since I wouldnt know how to tell if any of the parts were worn. i am guessing if i were to remove the valve cover, i would have to replace the gasket afterwards?
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