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Originally Posted by AudiEtr View Post
my friend has all the toys in his M
LI, CB, scanner, (3) GPS systems, and i believe he has a mobile hot spot for laptop.
came in handy on our way to MFest

Originally Posted by ///02bmw325i/// View Post
I had testing originally done a long time ago, and it worked great, not an issue or ticket with laser ever with them in my car.

recently over the summer they made several trips and they saved me a lot.

my old m20 that was previously in this car saved me in the 32.000 miles i put on my car this year, over 14 times.

any info that really sold you on the LI's ?? I'm always open to trying new and potentially better things.

You can't update your blinders now and there ARE new guns that are being used. One hit with those and you are toast. The LI's have multiple updates keeping them ahead of the game and the new 8.9 heads have stronger 115 watt german diodes. Take my word, I spent six years into this hobby.
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