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Originally Posted by bimmerfan08 View Post
The republicans might have their act together by then. I think if they would listen to the voice of the younger moderate conservatives they could potentially have a platform to stand upon. Why social issues are still an issue in today's society is beyond me.
Possible, but not holding my breath on that.

I think it will take a significantly longer wander in the desert before the GOP regains their footing with a fully modern ideology. There are just too many competing factions in the modern GOP with such fundamental differences to sort out. Dems went through a similar thing throughout the seventies and eighties and I would expect the GOP to take as long too.

They've been able to paper over those fractures with an aggessive and successful short term political/campaign program -- everyone was happy as long as they were winning -- along with the usual strongly enforced party discipline. They will undoubtedly implement at least some short term tactical and brand image enhancements (i.e., never, ever mention the word rape under pain of instant party banishment), but that will only get so far and won't avoid the need for a strategic and ideological deep-think.

Of course, they are no longer winning now so these disparate factions aren't at all happy and willing to play along to get along anymore. In parallel, the vaunted GOP party discipline is breaking down and these factions aren't so readily bludgeoned back into the party line. How are the more libertarian elements going to reconcile their small government, leave me the hell alone philosophy with the fundamentalist Christian right who essentially want to implement their (version of the) Christian bible under force of law? Or the Tea Party isolationists with the never say no to a war Neo Cons?

This says nothing of the large demographic changes which at this point strongly favor the Dems in the future, particularly age, gender and ethnicity where there is an immense tilt towards the Dems. These party/political identities are not very easily changed, certainly not quickly, so this will only compound the challenge for the GOP into the future.
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