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My e46 story, I go to school here in west Texas Midland college. Studying for petroleum engineering. I have had my car for two years now I bought it at a used car lot for 12k with 79k miles E46 02 325i Sport Package, Winter Package, I'm at about 120k now. Decided I had to have one when I graduated from high school. I have had numbers of typical problems and worked on myself like the radiator cracked, oil filter housing gasket was done, wheel bearings making a real loud noise in the rear, valve gasket, system air bank 1/2, blown and old suspension. My second week having the car I hit a dog going 50 mph around a curved turn. About 3 months ago my car was in a hit and run in a parking lot at IHOP...It wasn't real bad but it was really aggravating. But I love my car also I wish I knew what I know now about these cars because I would of bought maybe a 330ci/330 or saved up for a M3.

The mods I have accumulated on my car are HR Race Cup Kit, plasti-Dip my headlights, power flex control arm bushings, BBS LM Reps, resonator delete and sound muffler, rolled my back left fender to,RHO license plate holder, license plate delete. I'm pretty much done I really want to save up for a M3 now and sell my car eventually. Here are some pictures.

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