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Originally Posted by mpoweredavus View Post
I thinks whats more odd is a 40+ old single loser is looking after a 25yr old man to see where and how they live. Yes, I do live in the house - my house but i'm sure its hard for you to comprehand this after your fat wife left you with nothing.

Here's a suggestion, instead of hanging onto Clownshoe nutsack, go out and get some pussy.
Well below 40 chief. Truth has never been your strong suite has it?

You talking about getting pussy is ironic. Its like having Jeremy Clarkson lecture on saving the trees. Living at home, still a vrigin at 25...geez. Thats gotta be brutal. I mean, I'm sure you and Mikey are cool with hanging out and jerking off each other watching Lord of The Rings but catching for him has to get old.

Sadly, I dont know any girls with standards this low or I'd kick them your way. But good luck - there's gotta be a school for the blind in Dallas somewhere. It's a good start for you.
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