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I bought a Mosin Nagant last week on a whim and had to hang around the gun counter at the local ranch supply store for an hour waiting for my background check to go through (normally it's 5 minutes . . but an hour is better than the 2 days I had to wait the weekend before Christmas). It was pretty interesting. Every 5-10 minutes someone was coming by to ask about***********:

.223 ammo and/or 5.56 ammo
.22 ammo
AR magazines

They actually had a small stash of all of those (the .22 was 100 round boxes of CCI mini mag), but it was limit two boxes of each type of ammo and two magazines per person, per day. The magazines were clear plastic 20 rounders that they were selling for $18 each. They said they hadn't raised any prices and were trying to make sure their regular customers could get something, even if it was just 2 boxes of ammo a day. They even said their price on the magazines was $1 less than it was 2 months ago, believe it or not. Good folks.

Their rifle rack was 1/3 full - with all bolt action hunting rifles and shotguns, except they had one of those .22 M1 carbine looking things. Their handgun counters were about 15% full, with a handful of .22 single action revolvers, a .45 single action revolver, a .460 S&W revolver, and about 8 oddball semi-autos in either .40, 10MM or .22.

So things are pretty bonkers out there right now . . but it's not completely crazy. And they said they are still getting ammo shipments in.

And my mosin is pretty rad. pre-war 1939 Tula, if anyone is into that sort of thing. $119. I have 940 rounds of 7.62x54R on the way, half new and half 70's surplus.
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