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Originally Posted by mpoweredavus View Post
LOL! With all your shitty facebook skillz, I'm surprise you've missed out so much information. Funny, I've been dating and living with the same girl longer than your all your failed marriages put together. Like I've previously stated, you're a big (physically too) fail in life and have a need to stalk other dudes online.
too funny man. Again, it's easy to lie and sit behind a keyboard isnt it? You were never man enough to DARE say that to my face in Dallas so I'm sure its even easier now that I'm in LA. Sadly, you dont know a thing about me and your one "big hit" is that I'm divorced? Quick poll, I bet half of the guys over thirty on here are. It happens, so what? That's the measure of a life?

The internet is full of people like you with nothing better to do than to sit behind a keyboard and run their mouth.
Sad, sad, sad. It reminds me of this:
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