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Originally Posted by CRSmoak View Post
I'm guessing that's because to most of you strength and being fit equates to lifting and working out in a gym (not a bad thing, to each their own), if you really want to get better at calisthenics though then do calisthenics. Hang around people who do them and you'll know more people who can do 20 pull-ups, hell I've seen a few women get 20 before. Getting off topic but I think it likely has a lot to do with why many here seem to think 20 is some amazing thing...it's not, sorry to burst the bubble.

Not true! There are various types/levels of strength and fitness, and we generally admire/appreciate the full range. Although this is a general fitness sub-forum, we do tend to focus on discussions about weight lifting. However, we also have plenty of body weight/calisthenics discussions. It would be safe to say that we all hang around people who perform pull-ups, but that doesn't make 20+ any less impressive. Most average/above-average males are not yanking 20+ pull-ups strict (..emphasis on the word in bold), and most of your well above average females are not pulling 20+ strict either. Even some of the most competitive men/women I've ever come across cannot do it without kipping (..which is still impressive for a woman by any means), but there are some out there. Out of curiosity, any videos of you pulling 20+ with strict form. I'd like to see it just for the sake of credibility.

This chick did well though:

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