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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
OP, since you're new(ish), I'll be nice. Based on the comments above, to get close, you're talking thousands I guess, and what do you get out of it? The same car with different looks.

Instead, I'd say take that money, start off with a new cooling system (what's your mileage?), do fuel filter, air filter, clean icv and tb and replace rubber wherever you see it--belts, bushings, vac lines. Replace your ofhg, vcg, and vanos seals. You'll want a new ccv, plugs, coil boots.

Gummi pflege your gaskets on door, trunk, and hook.

I'm pretty sure that all this stuff hasn't been done. Based on my experience, if you spend your money getting what you want, you'll be out of money when you need it the day after you're finished and won't be able to afford the new battery you need...just saying.

Don't get mad at me...I'm old...and just tried to explain, maybe, why you've heard all this 'negative' talk. It's really for your benefit. The bmw you have is all underneath the covers...the stuff you want to change. Instead, fix up what you have and you won't car what it looks like at all, because it will drive like it's meant to. It could be bright pink and you wouldn't care.

Mileage is 50k on my 323ci I have 2 other e46's also :O..
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