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Originally Posted by 217Bimmer View Post
do you own a wok?

i love using mine. can throw anything in there cook it and add some sauce and dump it over rice. mmmmm mmmmm

i have fish, oyster, hoisin, teriaki, soy and usually add those with other ingredients to make sauce. things like ginger or garlic. sounds like you sort of do this already.

go to the international isle of your grocery store and there are tons more sauces. india and thai will give you lots of options. curries from both are good, but there are a ton.
I don't. I usually just use my largest pan which works well.

Originally Posted by evolved View Post
This is great for chicken, steak or shrimp.

-low sodium soy sauce
-ground, powdered ginger
-sesame seeds

Add the 4 things together in whatever amounts you want. Add them to a bottle and shake the shite out of that bottle until they are all mixed up. This is good for a marinade, dip, or a sauce that goes over rice/veggies/meat.
thanks man
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