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Originally Posted by fatskidmark View Post
Nice! What do you have done to this beast and do you have pics?
I'm posting from my phone I'll edit punctuation or whatever weird word the auto correction came up with later. It's hard to write long paragraph on a phone.

What haven't I done to it!. It is my Lego lol.
Plan is to make the M3 faster than it but maybe next year I'll start that rotrex project on the M3.

I can tune and work with aluminum metal so it's got a K-series 2.4 litter engine with a maxed out rotrex c38-71 plus boost by gear to help with traction on the lower gears since it is a FWD.

Every thing has been done by me or my friend which is a master tech. so i use civic as a learning toy.
But last time I put it on a scale it weighted 2150lbs so weight may have gone up with the supercharger, intercoller plus pipes & 6 piston calipers the wheels with toyo R888 tires to clear them. Maybe an extra 100lbs idk.

of the top of my head here is a list:

K24a4 stock but on vtec killer mode with type-s cams with the vtc "vanos" mechanically limited to 25
type-s oil pump to allow it to rev to 8100rmp
tsx 6 speed gears
wavetrac LSD
competion twin disc clutch for 1000hp
K-pro ecu
ID 1000cc injectors
an -8 fuel lines
walbro 255hp in tank fuel pump + bosch 044 in line fuel pump
asp 2.4L big tube header with 3" magaphone collector
3" exhaust
3" intercooler pipes
13 row bar & plate intercooler
70mm throttle body
RBC intake manifold port matched to throttle body
synapse bov & wastegate. yes i said wastegate.
mac solenoid for the ecu to control the wastegate.
rotrex c38-71 with pulleys maxed out for 8100rpm about 14 to 15 psi
custom 3row radiator for 750hp
custom engine mounts a90 bushings
custom amr coilovers valved for up to 950 lbs springs but now running 550lbs F & 650 lbs R
ITR rear 21mm sway bar.
rear sub frame brace.
traction bar.
Bennen try pod shock tower brace.
15x8 wheels on toyo r888
wilwood 6 piston calipers with 21mm spacers to clear the wheels
two piece 11.78" rotors with aluminum hats
HP hawk black brake pads
quiet exhaust
no interior, no A/C, no heater core, no carpet pretty much gutted. track car status but still road legal.
soon i'll fabricate the roll cage.

I haven't dyno it jet & I'm still street tuning it. so far only on 10psi with boost cut when it reaches 10psi for safety because the factory map sensor only reads accurate up to 10psi & it's reaching 10psi at 6,200rpm but this setup combination makes around 290wtq & around 450whp at 14psi. so this on a chassis about 1,200lbs lighter than my M3 the butt dyno notices right away.
I decided not to keep on tuning cause I'm using a bone stock engine for experiment & even the k-series is an amazing engine that can handle 600+ whp stock for drag. the stress it goes road racing is way more. so I decided to either replace the rods on it for peace of mind. Or take my other mild built all motor K24 and lower the compression to handle the 14psi on 93 pump gas or E85.

When it was on the N/A 2.4L making at the dyno 274whp & 202wtq it was a blast to drive imagine now even with a red line of 6200rpm & 10psi. I may order the 3bar map sensor and dyno it just to see the final numbers, but track it after the rods are replaced.

But it's annoying to drive on traffic because of the twin disc clutch. How I wish it was SMG equipped :-)

I'll take a picture next to the M3 later on this week.

all I've learned over the years will be applied to the M3 sooner than later.

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