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Originally Posted by wildirish317 View Post
OP, by the time I got married in 1984, I had overhauled (or helped my dad overhaul) the following: 1963 Volkswagen engine, 1968 VW engine, 1963 Chevy six, 1974 Chevy Vega four (twice), 1978 Chevette four, and a 1968 Corvette 327 engine. Since that time, I had a camshaft bearing spin on an '82 Datsun pickup, and had to pull the head and get it machined.

I guess what I'm saying is that they use better lubricants and better wear materials than they used to. The most mileage I've put on a vehicle was a 2000 Sienna which had 197k miles when I traded it in. The only engine issue it had was a leaking valve cover gasket.
That is a cool story. My daughter is turning 16 this April, and son will be 14 this year. He likes working on things with me, her not so much. But I've been thinking of picking up an E39 for them, and working on it with them to "restore" it. I'm by no means a mechanic or even really that experienced with the engine stuff, but redoing the normal maintenance items would be fun and worth it if I can find one in decent shape and obviously taken care of.
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