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Originally Posted by Sweetness View Post
Thanks for all the responses guys. Especially to Trizzuth's. Mine's basically the same way. Nowadays when I re-arrange my car I always take it for a spin around the block. A block heater sounds like a lot of work to be only used a couple days a year. Probably expensive too. Should I switch to German Castrol? Maybe use the BG Moa additive. Will that help?

Along these same lines (so technically not a hijack?), my car goes into the garage just before the first snow and stays there until the end of March. However, not being able to stand this situation for more than a month or so, I take it out 2-3 times during the winter and drive it up and down my street for 30 minutes, then put it away. So my question is - do you think this is enough time, in first and second gears only, to fully warm the oil up and boil off all O2? I cannot go beyond my little street, as the car is not insured during the winter
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