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I need your guy's honest opinion on how I should paint my AK. I'm torn on how I should paint it. Since my buddy works at RD, he is letting me custom paint it however I want.

Since I can't go with their gray (Rifle Dynamics made a deal with Travis Haley to only use gray with his model), I'm thinking of going OD.

I want this thing perfect since I'm dropping some decent coin and this will be my only AK for a very long time.

-I know I want the barrel and comp to stay black

-Not sure whether I want the triangle stock to go OD or black

-Bolt to be polished or black

-Upper and lower receiver OD green

-Safety I'm thinking to keep black

Now here are the big questions.

-Should I leave the rail, gas block with integrated front sight black
-Keep it OD and leave barrel and comp black

-Leave rail OD and keep gas block with front sight, barrel and comp black

Any other suggestions would be awesome.

I may just keep it black if I can't make up my mind.

Here are some pics for you guys.

This is the model I'm getting.


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