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im going to run all these tests again just to be sure. I do not know how to log 02 with this app yet so if you have any ideas let me know. I do know the o2 patterns look different. the bank1 is up and down.....the bank 2 is more smooth lines and taking longer to get in between the ranges of .1 and .7

What i can do is check for a bmw part number on the MAF

I can confirm the bad mileage. I am getting 19mpg average with mostly highway driving. I manually calculated this. 312 miles driven using 15.8 gallons of gas. My obc is almost dead on.

It could be lean problem and running rich because of that ....or just running rich. maybe my cold thermostat and lack of SAP fouled the o2 sensors. I know the oil is getting black which indicates fuel wash down. not bad yet but i know what that leads to.

Ill run at idle at 96c......what are the ranges for these i want to see
O2 data
and IAT

do we need all of these or just some of them

and MAF 30-40mph

the 11.72% LTFT was consistent over several days.
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