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Originally Posted by sgoetz628 View Post
Along these same lines (so technically not a hijack?), my car goes into the garage just before the first snow and stays there until the end of March. However, not being able to stand this situation for more than a month or so, I take it out 2-3 times during the winter and drive it up and down my street for 30 minutes, then put it away. So my question is - do you think this is enough time, in first and second gears only, to fully warm the oil up and boil off all O2? I cannot go beyond my little street, as the car is not insured during the winter
Let it warm up in the driveway before driving until the heater is toasty and then go for a short drive up/down the street.

Low speed driving lets the oil warm up quicker is not much airflow compared to freeway cruising but if you really want to know then install an oil temp gauge

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