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oems are the best but replace em soon, I kinda broke mine and didnt know it and about 2000 miles later the motor shifted a little bit making the fan blades hit the shroud (0 blades remaining attached to the fan clutch), nothing left of the shroud, punctured radiator, dented hood and other parts. all cuz I was redlining while drifting, I pulled into the gas station to get gas and was like WTF is all that, look under the car as if some1 had a bottle of water opened pooring it is how bad the stream was, rushed home at 140+ mph on a 50 mph road and saw my fan blades, pieces of shroud in the entrance of the parking lot next to the gas station. GOT HOME WAS SMOKING BUT NO DAMAGE OTHER THAN THE $400 just for the cooling system and 2 months later replace manifolds and say WTF both engine mounts are broken thank god im doing the swap or I would of gone through that **** all over again
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