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What are you getting so worked up about? Posting them won't make any difference. The parts you removed aren't made out of lead. There is an abundance of quarter mile times that debunk what you are trying to say in terms of power to weight ratio. I'm simply telling you there is too much variance to attribute your times strictly to those weight reductions. I'm sorry. A good example would be an automatic trans in these cars. Since all you have to do is put your foot down and the quarter mile times will be fractions different. This is due to basically no wheel spin off the line and computer controlled shifts (SD mode). If these times changed significantly due to weight reductions.... then I'd be impressed. Somebody may chime in here and prove me wrong with the same results as you, but I've been to the 1/4 mile track quite a bit and I just haven't seen times change that much simply due to a spare and rear seat removal. I'm just saying it's unlikely.

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