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Originally Posted by metal massager View Post
... its like anything else, you have highly skilled and meticulous artists and you have people who just do what it takes to make a buck. While the larger dents are not always "perfect" as you state, high 90% repairs can regularly be achieved if the time is spent.
Since most cars these days are only kept for a few years 90% is perfectly acceptable to the vast majority of people. It's very important to find out customers expectations and let them know what to expect before any work is performed.
I think we are agreeing here. I've seen a number of PDRs. Many were just clearly-better-than-before the PDR, which is "good enough" for most people. Some were quite good (pass the 10' test). In fact, I'd say that a very good PDR fix generally looks better than a mediocre traditional repair.

PDR is great after a bad hail storm, before returning a lease, or trading in or reselling. It is also ideal for an older car that is too nice to let stay ugly, but may not be quite nice enough to justify $2000 (or more) for cosmetics.

PDR does cost much less than body work. And, like body work, skill plays a very large part in the results. As you noted, setting expectations is key. What many people know of PDR makes it seem like magic...and they expect magical results.
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