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My Ride: 2001 330 Ci
I have the same Isse

Hey, this is my first post but I have been trolling around the Forums for a while now.

I have a 2001 3300Ci with the same problems, it has slowwly gotten worse over the past year and I have been replacing the usual suspects with minor improvements but the general feeling of looseness and wandering due to uneven road is still worrying me.

SO far I have replaced:
Control Arms,
Control Arm Bushings,
Front Wheel Bearings,
Rear Trailing Arm Bushings,
Steering Coupler (Guibo)

Everything I replaced was showing obvious signs of wear and damage so i dont feel like I have wasted any money yet, but I still havent truly fixed my problem.

I am skeptical that it is my steering rack, the dealership replaced my power steering pump undr warranty when I initially brought up my concern about "loose steering" during an inspection. they recommended FCAB and RTAB.

since then my warranty expired so I have replaced the list of items above myself. I am now leaning towards my front shocks being bad and also the sway bar links.

and of course not to ignore the basics I will mention that my tires up front are pretty worn and are very near the wear bars, but I dont want to buy another pair of michelin pilots until I know my suspension wont eat them up too...

any recommendations from the group? I am not sure if I have the over boosted rack or not, if anyone has a link to a VIN decoder or knows what to look for that woulld be helpful...

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