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The indy tech that looked at my car actually wasnt concerned about it, or maybe they just sucked. I had to mention the noise to them and apparently they had to listen to it again to and pay attention for it. the car has 130,000 miles, auto transmission. and going back on what i said before, No i do not think its get noticeably louder or faster when i rev it, but i would have to verify and pay attention. I can hear it best by the valve cover but definitly louder from underneath. its apparently had alot of owners and i bet at least one of ran the car really hard and didnt care for it properly. Im basing this off the fact that aftermarket springs were put on and they are starting to rust and one of them has a hose clamp wedged in it, possbily to compress the spring more. Also i saw a old receipt for falken tires in the paperwork, since they are cheaper tires im guessing the owner didnt have alot of money and who knows what other components they chinced out on for repairs.
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