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Originally Posted by hacksawmark View Post
Holy Crap! That actually made sense!
I assumed that is why you were doing it. If the auto still works, then don't mess with it. BUT, you can do what I am doing, which is: I scan the classifieds for part outs, and make seriously lowball offers for various pieces. I have an entire set of part numbers I am working from. I just buy a part here and there for very low prices, and I am slowly collecting the things I need, at bargain basement prices. Keep an eye on Craigslist too. I have about 40% of the parts I need, and I have only spent about $250.

If you are really serious about keeping the car for a long time, you can use the same process to get parts that you may not need for a long time, if ever. For example, I have a replacement DME, TCM, LCM, and DSC module/pump. I paid $100 for all of the electronics, and $80 for the DSC module/pump assembly. The electronics came from a car with my exact trans, engine, and Xenon lights. I have talked to someone local about getting them all coded for my car. They are all in my "Oh Sh!t" box, for when something major fails. I have some other various electronics and switches and things in there as well, plus a set of factory Xenons that are 100% functional, including the bulbs, that I got from a kid that works in a body shop. He fished them out of the dumpster at work. They came from an 04' M3 that had hit a telephone pole. They were perfect, down to the lenses. The only problem was that every single mounting tab was broken. He could not sell them to anyone who wanted to upgrade, because of all of the broken tabs. I bought them for $100.
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