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To dispel a few thing before you guys continue to grow even more childish.

Originally Posted by LagunaM3. View Post
I got quoted $3800.. directly from Rotiform :|
I don't know, it clearly states on their site STARTING @........ So Interesting point. my quote was $6600. yet here they are for sale at $4500.

however there are many model + price configurations.


Each set of forged split Rotiform wheels are 100% custom tailored to your vehicle, your style, your desires. Any car, any fitment, any color.

Available in diameters from 18" - 24" with pricing starting at $1,250 per wheel."

Originally Posted by Shimmy23 View Post
5x114.3? This is a BMW forum.
I know what forum I'm on. I don't know about you but I dont own a single vehicle. If you do, clearly that means this ad does not apply to you, or anyone not willing to run a conv. spacer.

as seen here:

in the thinking of yester-year or being a grass roots motorists, I'd understand where your coming from. Then again this sizing would not be for such a person to begin with.

Originally Posted by jboost View Post
How do you sell something with out pics?
clearly there was an error with your device, I do not sell items without pics. Thanks for looking.

Originally Posted by ImMolton View Post
His name has JDM in it.
Correct. Just Doing Me. I apologize if that offends you.

anyway, gentlemen, Thanks for voicing your concerns. Sharing is caring, so don't forget to tell a friend about some great quality wheels for sale.

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